Our Story:

A Little Taste of Cuba was founded in Princeton, New Jersey in 1995 with a vision to provide the ultimate smoking experience and expertise for connoisseurs of fine tobaccos.

Our parlors are inspired by the birth place of great tobacco and cigars: Cuba. The walls are draped with contemporary Cuban art. Our furnishings, displays, Cuban music, Guayabera uniforms, and walk in humidors are fashioned to create the most authentic environment possible: We aspire to transport you to a place where great tobacco is a sublime sensual experience.

Our focus is on superior quality products with extraordinary characteristics and provenance. Our cigars and tobaccos represent the finest in limited, boutique, vintage and super-premium brands.

At A Little Taste of Cuba, it is an honor to be a professional Tobacconist. It is our belief that great cigar makers are artists and craftsmen who carry on traditions that enrich all culture and the human spirit.

Certified Expertise:

A Little Taste of Cuba Tobacconists are apprenticed for months, and educated through Tobacconist University™. Only after a rigorous apprenticeship, can they become certified Tobacconists.

Tobacconist Credo:

“The duty of every A Little Taste of Cuba Tobacconist is to be your guide through the myriad of tobacco products and brands that exist throughout the world today. Our job is to share our knowledge and opinions with you so that you can make informed decisions when choosing cigars, pipes, tobaccos, and the related accoutrements. Our highest priority is to make your smoking experience one of complete satisfaction and pure relaxation.”

† provided by ArtistaCuba as a cultural exchange and enrichment program.